The Be The Change For YOU 30 Day Challenge #BTC4You

I’ve never been accused of giving less than 110% for my clients, my peers, my friends, or my family. It’s a central part of my identity. It’s who I am. Here’s the problem – I don’t have the same policy with myself.

So first, an apology to my clients, my BTC family, and my friends – you’ve all been getting 110% from a me that’s less than 100%. A lot less. For this, there’s no excuse…just a promise. It ends today.

My #BTC4YOU 30-Day Bucket List

  • Drink half my body weight in ounces of water daily
  • Exercise for no less than 30 minutes daily
  • Cut soda out completely
  • Take 30 minutes daily for some brain exercise and learn something new
  • Be a good patient for the next 30 days…well, hopefully less :)
  • Write and record one song


I’m not the only one making big changes…and I hope you’ll join this movement and be the change for you. Here’s how:

The Be The Change for YOU Challenge. #BTC4You   

STEP 1: Make a bucket list of the things that you commit to doing in 30 days for YOU. Things you know that you need to do for yourself, your health, your well being and overall happiness. (You can do anything for 30 days and it takes that long to form a habit)

STEP 2: Post the bucket list on a blog titled: The Be The Change For YOU 30 Day Challenge #BTC4You (Posting it publicly holds you accountable and can inspire others to join the challenge)

STEP 3: Share the blog on Twitter using #BTC4You and on your Facebook wall tagging (Be The Change Revolutions). Invite others to join in the challenge.

STEP 4: Everyday, follow the hashtag #BTC4You twitter stream. Share what you are doing that day to “Be The Change for YOU” and then encourage others that are taking the challenge. On Facebook You can tag and engage on the Be The Change Revolutions Facebook Page. (The support of a community makes us a zillion times stronger)


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